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We are so honored to meet you and work together!

Please contact us if we can answer any specific questions for you.  


Mustard & Gumph

Certified Therapy Dogs & Official Rec Therapy Mascots

Services: Emotional Support, Trail Blazing, Danger-Detection

Specializations: Love, Protection, Support, & Energy Transmission

Passions: Dirt, Trails, Truck rides, Snuggles & Snacks

Motto: "All You Need is Love."

Born: Black Hills, South Dakota  &  Streets of Virginia


Jordan Olson

Adventure Guide: Backpacking Trips & Day Hikes 

Specializations: Guiding in the Black Hills, Understanding Energy, Frequency & Vibrations, Living in the Moment, Life Coaching

Passions: I love nature and I love people!  There is a lot we can learn about ourselves and the world from nature.  It's a wonderful teacher!

Greatest Accomplishment: Being a Father & Husband.  I credit my wife and children for giving me purpose and direction at a young age.

Motto: "The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Born: Black Hills, South Dakota


Angelena M. Plummer CPC, LPC-MH, QMHP

Creator, Licensed Counselor, Coach & Recreational Therapist 

Specializations: Positive Psychology, Phenomenology (perspective-taking), Coaching, Recreational Therapy & Destination Therapy

Passions: Being me. Helping people love & accept themselves where they're at, without judgment.  

Personal Intention: To Live, Every Day, with Love in My Life, Gratitude in My Heart, and Wonder for the World.

Greatest Accomplishment: Staying out of jail & Not having kids!

Motto: "Work Hard, Play Harder." & "Today is the Best Day of My Life!"

Born: Black Hills, South Dakota


Kris Hewlett

Adventure Guide: Paddleboarding & Kayaking, Biking, SUP Yoga 

Specialization: Yoga Teacher (RYT200), ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Pranayama (breathwork) guide, health/wellness coaching


Passions: Yoga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, total human optimization, exploring nature, connecting with others, and my German Shepherd, Boone! 


Motto: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." 


Born: Pierre, SD 

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 8.40.05 AM_edited.png

TIM Soelzer, CPC

Certified Professional Coach, Hiking Guide, & Grief Coach

Specializations: "It's Just Your Nature" Energy Profiling, "Painted Prayers" facilitating, companioning through grief, Self-Love & Positive Psychology

Passions: I am passionate about companioning people through life! Life can throw so much at us, from every angle, so let’s get out and get back to nature and basics. This is where we find out who we truly are. 


Greatest Accomplishment: My son of course! Also, choosing to change my lifestyle to be more health-conscious. I have to date lost 60 pounds! 


Motto: "Do you realize how much had to happen perfectly since the creation of the universe for you to even exist?  Think about it, YOU are a miracle!" 


Daniel Burnison, CPC

Adventure Guide: Paddleboarding, Kayaking, Hiking, Life Coaching

Specializations: Self-Acceptance, Holding Space, Positive Psychology, Perspective-Taking, Fun-Facilitating! 

Passions: Music! I love to sing and perform locally. I also enjoy being a sounding board for others and a safe place to share thoughts and feelings freely. Being outside has become a church of sorts for me. Nature has a plethora of metaphors for life and I love sharing those lessons with others. 


Motto: "You can never get enough time in a hammock."



Adventure Guide: Nature Walks, Brewery Discovery, Life Coaching

Specializations: My role is to help wherever I am needed and making BHRT the coolest recreational therapy on the map!  I have been through a tremendous amount of loss in my life and helping in any way I can is the best therapy for me.

Passions: Creating fun and laughter wherever I go.

Greatest Accomplishments: My children and the coolest grandchildren Ever!

Motto: Never Ever Stop Believing!

Born: Glasgow, Montana (known as the middle of nowhere, really! Look it up). Moved to the beautiful Black Hills in 2014.

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