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From the owner
and mastermind,
Angelena Plummer

It is an honor you have stopped by Black Hills Recreational Therapy.  Hello and Welcome.  This business is created as an extension of my clinical mental health and professional life coaching practice, A Positive Life.  For years in private practice, working with all walks of life, I have offered “Recreational Therapy” to my clients.  We might have walked the bike path just outside of my office, met at the dog park, or hiked M-Hill or Skyline Drive in Rapid City.  I found that bringing people to nature, walking alongside them, and literally sharing the ground beneath our feet, not only brought people to their intended outcomes faster but also became a resource people could go back to in their own time, freeing their need for therapy with me and empowering them in their own resources.  People reported finding their own answers faster and connecting with their true nature on another level while literally being in nature.


I soon became known as “that therapist that takes people hiking”.


While I love what I get to do, I have professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities to uphold the integrity of my profession and above all, commitment to client confidentiality.  Becoming well-known was becoming a problem.


Give way to Black Hills Recreational Therapy!  With client confidentiality in mind, I sought a solution to continue to offer the value of my services to local community members while maintaining client confidentiality.  I hired a team of local experts to do what they love doing while taking people, any people, out into nature for excursions or relaxing days.  This way, when I or any of my team or vehicle fleet or equipment is seen, it is unknown if we are on a therapy outing or a sort-of tour-y guided outing.


To be able to do this, I had to be approved for a special use permit with the Forest Service.  We hold a special use permit in the Mystic Ranger District that we are very grateful for receiving.  I had to get extensive liability insurance to ensure the protection of my clients and ensure the United States Government.  We all received CPR and First Aid training to be able to work on Forest Service Land and keep our clients safe.  We hold these permissions with the utmost regard.


The order of our priorities are as follows:

  1. Working where we are permitted

  2. Safety

  3. Fun, learning, and growth


As I have grown up within the boundaries of the Sacred Black Hills, I love and respect the land.  I have been adventuring and retreating to nature all of my life.  It is an honor that I get to make this my work.  As a life-long local, I enjoy all of the activities we offer plus some that we aren’t currently able to.  I have also been sharing my love for the Hills with my friends forever.  In the spirit of transparency, this means that I might be seen with groups out in nature in places my business is not permitted or doing activities we do not offer to the public.  We hold our permit, our insurance, and our commitment to our clients with the utmost regard.  We aim to act only for the best interest of our community and its visitors.  If there are any questions we can answer, we are happy to.  We thank you for stopping by and giving us a chance to transform lives in a positive manner while we bring joy to peoples’ lives and awareness of the magic of the natural resources around us that the Black Hills have to offer.


Love & Gratitude,


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