Black Hills Wellness Retreat

We understand that retreats can often feel like an other-worldy experience; blissful, refreshing, enlightening. Then, the inevitable return to "normalcy" can leave us feeling the crash.  

If you know what we're talking about, this is the retreat for you. 

You will leave our Wellness Retreat fully capable of celebrating what has been learned, safely process what has come up, and implement your individual learning into real life. That's how positive change happens. 

Let this be what you've been waiting for.

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What to expect

This 3-day wellness immersion will lead you through the practices and teachings of yoga, breathwork and therapeutic groupwork. Each day will begin and end with different breathwork and yoga practices. We even throw in two cacao ceremonies (yes, basically drinking chocolate) to assist you in your receptivity and openness.

Following group work sessions you will have downtime to process and relax, ask questions and receive guidance. 

You will also be invited to spend time connecting to the abundant nature surrounding our Lodge. There is plenty of acreage to explore, outdoor hot tubs and a bonfire to chill by. The Black Hills of South Dakota are known for their oasis-like beauty amongst the prairie flatlands. Their roots run deep with centuries of human connection to the healing powers and mystical qualities held within the Black Hills.


Everything about this weekend has the intention to help you fully embrace and process what you are moving through; even the food! Each participant retains their right to personal sovereignty with their own health and well-being.

Meet The Team


Breathwork & Meditation

Meet Josh; he will be your breathwork and meditation guide for the weekend.


Groupwork & Coaching

Meet Angelena; she will set the groundwork for creating an honored safe space.

Kris Hewlett

Yoga & Movement

Meet Kris; he will be guiding your yoga journey.


The Flow

itinerary for the weekend


2:00pm Arrive

230pm Settle into rooms

3:00pm Intake/Intro’s

3:30pm Ice Breaker

4:30pm Yoga

5:30pm Downtime

6:30pm Dinner

8:00pm Cacao then BW

9:30pm Bonfire


6:30am Breathwork

7:00am Sunrise Yoga

8:30am 9:30am Breakfast

9:30am Downtime

10:00am Group work

11:00am Downtime to process

11:30am Breakout Session

12:30pm Lunch 

1:30pm Playful Activity

3:00pm Downtime

5:00pm Dinner

5:30pm Downtime

6:30pm Yoga, Cacao, BW and Sound Bath 


7:30am Breathwork

8:00am Yoga

9:00am Breakfast

9:30am Downtime to Pack

10:30am Groupwork Sesh

11:30am Playful Goodbye

Frequently asked questions

What is breathwork?

Easily said, breathwork is a workout for your respiratory system. Essentially, anytime you commit to focusing on your breathing for a frame of time and doing so in a way that is intentional, you are doing breathwork. It can be simple.

What are the benefits of breathwork?

This is not a complete list but rather a start to what you can expect to experience. Physically; breathwork will decrease inflammation, increase immunity, increase lung capacity and performance, improve sleep… Mentally; breathwork will clear away mental chatter and anxiety, decrease stress, focus your mind and alter brain waves patterns to bring harmony… Spiritually; breathwork will clear space for you to hear your intuition, increase creativity and alter your state of consciousness for deeper connection to your true self and the greater energy source on the other side of the veil.

Does my fee cover room and board?

Yes. The fee for the weekend covers everything except you getting here. You will have a warm room, comfy bed and clean healthy food.

In the event that weather doesn’t allow me to travel, what happens?

We will allow you 1 opportunity to reserve a spot during an alternate weekend with no further charge.

What is your cancelation and refund policy?

There is a non refundable $100 deposit and if you need to cancel your weekend retreat, you must do so more than 1 month out for a full refund (less the $100). If we are within 1 month to the weekend, there is no refund We require 25% down to reserve your spot.
If needing to cancel, it must be done 2 weeks before the event. The purchase is then transferable to 1 other weekend for yourself or gift the current reservation to another human

How long do I have to register?

Bookings will close 2 weeks out from the event. If there are any desired last minute bookings, you can reach out to us and see if there's room!