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Black Hills Wellness Retreat

We understand that retreats can often feel like an other-worldy experience; blissful, refreshing, enlightening. Then, the inevitable return to "normalcy" can leave us feeling the crash.  

If you know what we're talking about, this is the retreat for you. 

You will leave our Wellness Retreat fully capable of celebrating what has been learned, safely process what has come up, and implement your individual learning into real life. That's how positive change happens. That's self care.

Let this be what you've been waiting for.

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What to expect

A 3-Day Wellness Immersion




Healthy food

Cozy private rooms

Two cacao ceremonies.

Breakout sessions for deeper dives with the facilitators.

Space and downtime to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

There is plenty of acreage to explore, outdoor hot tubs and a bonfire to chill by. The Black Hills of South Dakota are known for their oasis-like beauty amongst the prairie flat lands. Their roots run deep with centuries of human connection to the healing powers and mystical qualities held within the Black Hills.


Everything about this weekend is designed to help you fully embrace and process your life evolution. You will take home self care and optimization tools to last a lifetime!

Each participant retains their right to personal sovereignty with their own health and well-being.

Meet The Team


Breathwork & Meditation

Meet Josh; he will be your breathwork and meditation guide for the weekend.


Groupwork & Coaching

Meet Angelena; she will set the groundwork for creating an honored safe space.

Kris Hewlett

Yoga & Movement

Meet Kris; he will be guiding your yoga journey.


The Weekend Flow


This is going to be so great! K Bar S Lodge is allowing us to have the entire property to ourselves!


Upon Arrival:

  • When you arrive Friday afternoon (1p), you will be greeted at the main Lodge and have a chance to settle into your room before the adventure begins.

Wellness Begins:

  • After meeting the group and facilitators, Kris will lead you in your first yoga session. This yoga flow will help you unwind from your journey and settle into the mindset for the weekend.

  • After a healthy dinner, we will step into our first cacao ceremony of the weekend (led by Kris and Angelena). This first ceremony can be a powerful way to begin to make contact with that intention you set of Why you are here.

  • This ceremony is followed up with your introductory breathwork session, led by Josh. You will learn breathwork techniques to clear your mind and begin opening up your intuition.

  • Day one is wrapped up with a cozy fire, tea and easing yourself into a restful sleep.


This is our biggest day! 


Saturday morning:

  • Josh will lead you through a breathwork session to enliven your energy and amplify your immunity!

  • Next, Kris leads a yoga session to ground you in your body and create strength in Self. This combination of breathwork and yoga flow is such a powerful way to start your day!

  • By the time we wrap up, your body will be SO ready to receive all of the nourishing benefits of a well thought out breakfast. 

  • The day then moves into spending time as a group. Angelena will facilitate the events and group connection.

  • Breakout Sessions will be available where guests can do deeper dive work with one of the Professionals. For example; Kris might be teaching people how to further your skills in arm balances. Josh might be taking people through contrast therapy using the snow and hot tubs. Angelena might be dropping powerful techniques on self-healing mindset and emotions.

After lunch:

  • We gather again as a group. Depending on the weather, this group experience will either be adventurous, creative or playful (probably all of the above). We might go hiking, 4-wheelinor get creative with art indoors! This piece of the weekend is where the unique experiences of the Retreat will differ each time :)

  • As the sun is setting, and before dinner, we will spark up the bonfire and have hot tea with local honey available.

Later that evening:

  • After yet another thoughtfully created meal, we will begin (what we are calling) the Highlight Night; what we have put together is going to blow your energetic socks off! 

  • Grounding ourselves into the evening begins with a light yoga session from Kris.

  • Following is our second cacao ceremony led by Kris and Angelena.

  • We then flow deeper into the evening, ourselves and the magic within our endless Universe as Josh leads a full breathwork session combined with a sound bath from chakra crystal bowls.


The awesomeness that comes from pairing these four practices into a single evening is one that can only be experienced to fully understand.


Sunday starts a little later:

  • The body and mind will need to rest with the work we did in the Highlight Night.

  • Once we meet up, the group will begin with a grounding breathwork (Josh) and yoga (Kris) practice.

  • Afterwards, we will have breakfast, pack and meet up again as a group!

  • Angelena will get the energy flowing as we solidify the work done over the past couple of days and before we all go our on merry ways.


Follow Up:

  • Each guest will have an opportunity to connect with the facilitators and other guests (with permission). Details will be given at the events.

Hope to see you soon! Stay well.

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