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We Suck at Websites!
(And we are working on clarifying our mission) 
For Now... Here's what we have Planned:

Full Moon Floats Partnering with Sol Yoga Collective at Jenny Gulch
June 24    July 23
Aug 22     Sept 20
Bring Your Own Boat or rent one of ours! 
Stand Up PaddleBoards or Sit oN Top Kayaks

Be on the lookout for pop-up parties with paddleboards, kayaks, canopies, hammocks & hotties at the lake!  

Service delivery options

Individual guides avail
-hiking-kayaking-paddleboarding- Highlining-backpackin' & More...

(most insurances accepted for therapy)
therapy with a licensed therapist alongside you at permitted locations+activity
(work while you play)
Therapy 1st, individual guide, therapy last (set your intentions, go find your answers, come back and process)
No professional therapist, just you and the land (and a local guide who knows where to go, what to do, and how to have fun!) we promise. 

As this has been a work in progress with really beautiful souls coming together for its success, please call or text until we get our online shit together.  we love you. 
-BHRT Crew     605-393-5370 BHRT Phone
                                                          or 605-484-9294 Angelena

Angelena, kris, tara, anna, daniel, daniel, jonathan, caleb, tim, freda, jordan, ryan, gumpherThuskerton & YOU!
*********BTW, we only work with consenting adults********* 
+++++BTWW, If you cannot pay standard industry pricing, please contact us personally and perhaps we can meet you where you're at financially or maybe we can trade for your skills and services as we would love to support you in your passions as well. ******
For now, check out our old website and meet the crew and do whatever you want to do, with love. 

We are fully insured, permitted, and cpr&1st aid certified for your safety and respect of the Land.

We are in alignment with ourselves and believe in abundance. We give gratitude and respect to god, the universe, and You.  We Believe the people who are the right fit for us will be here to work with us. Love.


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