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Heal Your Heart in the Hills & Make Your Adventure Meaningful


We believe that the Black Hills are our biggest natural resource for reflection, fun, clearing our minds, and finding our own answers.  Studies have shown the processing and healing effects of being in nature, and we want this experience to be available to anyone. 

Oftentimes, following a Rec Therapy Session, a client will report purchasing their own kayak or going for a hike, having positive results and building confidence in their own resourcefulness.  

There are several ways we offer our Rec Therapy Services.  


  • Nachos Method: (Everything all at once!) Recreational Activity alongside a Licensed Counselor or Certified Coach coupled with therapy and/or coaching  

  • Sandwich Method: Office or phone session with Therapist followed by Recreational Activity with a Trained Guide with a follow up session with Therapist 

  • Apples & Bananas Method: (Forget the therapy talk!): Recreational Activity with a Trained Guide


*Most Insurances Accepted for Therapy

*Our rates reflect standard industry pricing.  If you would love to do this but it is out of your financial comfort, please talk with us personally and perhaps we can accommodate.  

Therapy Rates: 

1st Hour $250

All additional hours $180

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